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1 Euromed Dialogue Award, Anna Lindh Foundation calls for nominations 291
2 Information sessions for applicants to call for Sustainable Urban Demonstration Energy Projects 452
3 MEDIA 2007 - Support for the digitisation of European cinemas 568
4 2012 Call For Proposals: Strengthening Innovation and Practice in Secondary Education 831
5 European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights - Country Based Support Scheme for Montenegro 679
6 Funds for Southern Mediterranean films - The list 576
7 Online assistance for CBC Italy-Tunisia applicants 626
8 The role of young people in interreligious and cultural dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean region 826
9 EU Egypt innovation fund - Scheme 1 863
10 UN Women - Fund for Gender Equality’s Second Call for Proposals 608
11 Call for proposals — Support to Youth Workers’ Mobility - EACEA/15/12 865
12 Call for proposals for cultural activities in Tunisia 2012 732
13 Support for International Scientific Meetings 592
14 Appel à projets: développement solidaire avec la Tunisie 637
15 Preparatory action ‘Circulation of films in the digital era’ — Call for proposals 2012 709
16 Italy: Project "Start It Up" 762
17 IPA INFO 2011 - Civil society EU Info 789
18 Youth in Action Programme. Action 3.2 — Youth in the world 847
19 UN Fund for Gender Equality - 2011–2012 Grantees 648
20 EU Partnership for Peace Programme 2012 821
21 Anna Lindh Foundation - Call for Project Proposals 2012 710
22 International Incoming and Outcoming Fellowships 602
23 Swedish Special Initiative for Democratization and Freedom of Expression 623
24 Support for the implementation of Pilot Projects - MEDIA 2007 638
25 Information and training measures for workers' organisations, Budget heading 655
26 Civil Society Facility programme 2012 1104
27 Egypt-Europe Cultural Co-operation 2012 758
28 A call to step up efforts to empower women, particularly rural women 648
29 Call of height Arab Women for Democracy Dignity and Equality 817

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Le réseau Mediter est conscient de l'importance de communiquer à un large public au sein de la région euro-méditerranéenne. C'est pourquoi une version arabe de ce site web est en cours d'élaboration. Elle sera bientôt prête et diffusera la connaissance entre tous les partenaires.




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